June 2: 4 (Returning Things)

returning things
bowls, and towels, and


3 thoughts on “June 2: 4 (Returning Things)

  1. t says:

    I like how ‘grace’ is juxtaposed with seemingly nondescript (but essential) household objects: ‘bowls’, ‘towels’. Is it suggested that ‘grace’ is also just another daily item? The opening line is mysterious — why are these things ‘returning’, from whom/where, to whom/where, are they not wanted and therefore returned? So much to think about. Nice.

  2. I’m tempted to give the backstory for this haiku but maybe that would ruin the mysteriousness of it and the potential for every reader to decide for herself what is going on here. I’ll refrain, I guess, but if anyone is desperately curious they can email me for the lowdown. Warning: it is probably less interesting than whatever you are imagining. 🙂

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