June 3: 2 (Facebook Suggestion)

facebook suggestion
with your dead father

5 thoughts on “June 3: 2 (Facebook Suggestion)

    • Well, I’m glad you found some wisdom in it. It was more black humor for me — Facebook is always sending out suggestions for you to “reconnect” with some friend or other you haven’t communicated with in a while, and this morning they suggested my dad as a likely prospect. I think it may be about time for us to delete his Facebook page…
      on the other hand, since I try not to do haiku that can only be read on one level, there probably was some sense in the back of my head that that is a relationship that still needs to be reconsidered. we got along with difficulty, it’s still hard to think about both his death and his life. I’m hoping I’ll have gained some wisdom about the whole thing in a decade, or two or three.

    • Glad this was helpful to you, Laz. Yes, Facebook is definitely a mixed bag for me. Sometimes it feels like a lifeline…other times a dead weight around my neck. 🙂

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