June 3: 4 (Chipmunk Calls Repeat)


chipmunk calls repeat
repeat all summer
outside my window repeat


Yeah, okay, so this is a particularly not-stunning photograph. It looks better close up, is all I have to say. And doesn’t the rope there add some kind of artistic interest? Oh, never mind. Just read the damn haiku.

Edited: I changed the picture. At least now you can tell it’s a chipmunk and not some kind of hairpiece lying on our lawn. Doesn’t he look adorable? Yeah. You can have him.

2 thoughts on “June 3: 4 (Chipmunk Calls Repeat)

    • Well, if I didn’t laugh about the damn chipmunks I’d have to cry…they are the bane of our existence in the summer with their constant high-pitched chirping.
      Thanks for the nice comment on the haiku about my father, as well.

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