June 7: 7-9: Bedtime sequence

the owl
and the keyboard

the owl and the keyboard
singing to each other
time to brush my teeth

too busy
to write a haiku about the owl
she flies away

3 thoughts on “June 7: 7-9: Bedtime sequence

  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog of poetry (Noodle). I’m so glad that it lead me to yours — what wonderful work! I’ll post a link to yours, if you don’t mind. Very nice to meet you.

  2. Nicole — you’re welcome, and thank you! It’s great to have another reader, and I am honored to have you link to me. I am really enjoying your work as well. Hope to get to know you better.

    Bill — I’m so glad you said that; I was actually thinking about this last night (after I’d posted), wondering whether I should have broken up the lines more evenly, but came to the same conclusion you did. Good to have my instinct confirmed by a much more experienced poet. 🙂

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