June 8: 2 (Slash of a comet)

slash of a comet
the two-year-old’s

3 thoughts on “June 8: 2 (Slash of a comet)

  1. I like this one too. I can see a vivid image of the two year old’s stabbing little finger. They do like to point and those little fingers get dangerously close to the eyes! It also brings to mind finger painting for some reason.

    Bill, your haiku makes me smile; it’s a nice picture. It reminds me of the zen saying, “The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon.”

  2. Bill — yeah, that’s an eerie similarity! It must be one of those universal haiku moment experiences like falling cherry petals or something. 🙂 I like yours — it reminds me of trying to point things out to cats and having them just sniff your finger hoping you’re holding out something for them to eat. 🙂

    Steve — thanks for telling me about all the images this evokes for you, I like the finger painting one in particular. It’s great when people see more into your haiku than you intended or realized was there.

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