June 24: 3-7: Worms

falling in love
robins grab worms
and pull

my hat sits askew
what this garden needs
is some worms

words coming out
in a whisper
worms underground

rain over
I step on a worm
and cry

I speak sternly:
robin — let go
of that worm


Yes, worms. It’s been raining a lot here, okay?

6 thoughts on “June 24: 3-7: Worms

    • Thanks, Bill. I had Issa in mind when I was writing these, I have been reading him a lot lately. I was trying to emulate that quirkiness and enthusiasm for trivialities and delight in the world that Issa has, but I don’t think anyone will ever be as delighted by the world as Issa. 🙂

  1. some 5 year olds are quite delighted with the world. send a 5 year old out to get the mail and an hour later they may come back to show you a bug they found on a fence post and a story with amazing proportions and big eyes. or may be i’m just remembering a time when…

    i like the way your phrases are becoming strong units in themselves. the less abstract, the more concrete – the clearer an image becomes.

    okay. now i done it. i’ve rambled on and on so much about ku that i cant keep up with all i think i should do in writing one. bwahahahahaa.

    the rain stops
    outside my window
    the crickets

    • Oh…yeah. I definitely should have specified “any adults” when I said that about Issa. Practically all kids have that enthusiasm, but it’s rare for adults to keep it. Issa seems really childlike in his delight, which is probably why I like him so much, as I am still having a hard time coming to grips with being an adult after a couple of decades of being one (and having a kid who is almost one).

      Yeah, concrete is definitely better than abstract, except when it’s not. 🙂 Oh how contrary and difficult I am. You must be tearing out your hair over me. 🙂

      Love how that middle line of your ku can go with either other line … now that’s ambiguity. 😉

      • bwahahahaha – yeah, i suspect i’m just being picky way too often.

        heck, no, i like that you back up your points when i get too picky. concrete vs abstract except when it’s not. yeah. good point. again.

        and yeah – i read your point on ambiguity. you’re right. perfect.

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