June 25: 1-3: Blue

blue moon
escorting improbability
he comes back

Ella Fitzgerald
singing “Am I Blue”
a jay squawks

sky clouded over
for happiness
this blue pill


It started out as a coincidence that I had a couple of haiku featuring the word “blue” in my gigantic slush pile of rough ku that I need to either revise or flush down the toilet. Then I decided that I liked them (or rather their heavily revised reincarnations) paired together, except they needed another companion, because two haiku aren’t really a sequence, but three are. But I’ll shut up now with the boring commentary and let you discover what else you can about this grouping.

4 thoughts on “June 25: 1-3: Blue

    • I like humor better too. Did you think these were sad? Maybe I have a strange sense of humor. 🙂 Actually, there’s no maybe about it…

      Great ku, as usual. One day I am going to gather up all the ku you’ve left in my comments and post them under the title “Rick Daddario’s Leavings” or something. 🙂

  1. aloha MLA – i thought blue in the sense of the blues, sad and unhappy was a connecting theme. . . of course i didnt follow that theme in the ku i left. . .

    yeah. my sense of humor can qualify as strange at times… if not outright warped.

    and an example:
    RD’s Leavings. sounds like Simon’s song – there must be 50 ways to leave… of course… that’s probably better than the messes i might be making, erm… or leaving…

    it’s fun to watch your haiku gather in one place. well. that’s an easy way to see where you are in your haiku at least.

    i keep my haiku in files by date in each year along with place or reason of the writings. right now the ones i’ve been leaving here have gone into My Haiku Various 2010 (various meaning from various places and so on – that’s a general file) File – word file that is. sometimes i’ll do a chaining game with one person or a group and then those haiku may have a file too.

    it’s looking at those files that allow me to see where i was a year ago in my haiku writing. i can look at haiku i wrote in June of 2009, or 2008 etc.

    in general i dont keep haiku others write – i hope they keep their own. if the ku-me chaining game goes on, i’ll probably start a file for what i write in it. something like: my haiku kume WP 2010.

    no problem with you gathering the haiku i leave here and posting them in one place as you’ve suggested. i’m honored that you’d even consider that. ty.

    • I guess the antidepressant ku might seem like kind of a downer, but since they keep me really happy I don’t really think of it that way … I think it’s incredibly funny that they’re colored blue, I laugh every morning when I take them. Someone at the drug factory had a sense of humor, I think.

      I keep my ku in a document in a program called Scrivener that basically allows you to keep multiple word processing documents organized together … each date has a page, each month has a folder. I also have been sorting them into seasons, one page to a season. It’s a little obsessive-compulsive but that’s what I’m all about. I like watching the days pile up.

      I also have a Scrivener file for other people’s poetry that I like, so I think I will start sticking yours in there and when it starts threatening to break the bottom out of the doc maybe I’ll empty it onto here. 🙂

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