Ku-me: a haiku game

Okay, Rick Daddario (my champion commenter) has a great haiku game going on over at 19 Planets Art Blog. It’s called ku-me and it’s kind of a hybrid between a linking verse and a haiku prompt. Rick starts the ball rolling with a one-word prompt, then the first commenter writes a haiku using the prompt and leaves a new prompt of their own that the next commenter has to use in their haiku. Et cetera. I just left the word “squirm.” Come on, tell me you can’t do something with that after reading all my charming worm haiku.

3 thoughts on “Ku-me: a haiku game

  1. bwahahahahaaha – yeah. squirm and worm, i couldnt resist. thanks for the ping-back MLA – which i’m now trying to figure out. i knew making you work on that japanese line break stuff was going to come back to me at some point.

    hey. if you have suggestions for improvement on running that ku-me chaining game, i’d be glad to hear them.

    chaining in games like that, is where i began to see a lot of openings for improvement in my ku – okay there still are a lot of openings. . . it was just plain fun to play tho. and fling them down. shhhh… dont tell anyone but i remember first trying to write haiku in my grown-up-years (no worries i’m not a grown-up most of the time even now) – it took me over a week to write one that in some way i thought qualified as haiku. the 2nd haiku i wrote took me longer.

    writing 7 or 8 or a dozen ku in the chaining game way, in a day, i found i had to let my analyzing, rule locks and careful-walking-the-right-line stuff go and just fling ’em down.

    with hind sight i think now the bottom line for haiku. or art. or anything. is to practice fully in the way you want to do what your are trying to do. in other words, become good in the way that you like working.

    that means if i want to revise, and ponder and work on my haiku at length and over time – okay, that’s how i should practice and i will become good at doing haiku by doing it in that way.

    on the other hand, if i want to become good at haiku and be able to fling them down… that’s how i should practice – and i will become good at doing haiku in that way.

    okay, it’s a most-of-the-time thing on this practice-the-way-you-want-to-become-good stuff. i do revise. i do think. i do analyze my ku and haiku in general. i’m not sure i improve my haiku much when i apply that to a specific haiku tho.

    for me, it’s fun to fling them down and yes sometimes i muddle and ponder over them. …those are often weak (imo). the flingers may be rougher, but sometimes they more often catch the moment. they more often spring the moment. release the moment in an ah-ha. i like that. altho they do sometimes break rules. even the rules i think are good and important. okay. fine on that then.

    yes, i do think and read and analyze haiku – but not so much when i’m writing my own as i’m writing. i’m realizing that right now. both areas have a place in haiku. letting them each happen in their place is what i’m trying to get at here…

    haiku is a moment. it’s brief. it’s now. i like the fling-it-down way… now that i think about it, may be because that’s the spirit of haiku. …or may be… it’s just the spirit of haiku that i like.

    sheesh. yeah. analyzing. okay. that’s okay when i’m not haiku-ing. but when i am haiku-ing. i hope i just keep flinging in the moment. because if i do haiku that way, eventually i’ll get better at doing haiku – that way.

    sheesh again. a ramble on a thank you note. bwahahahaaha. fling on. aloha – Wrick

    • p.s.

      flinging mud
      this spatter on the wall
      a canvas moment


      flinging mud
      this spatter on the wall
      a painter’s moment

      yeah, eht dnoces eno (reversed writing to hide my choice for those who peak – bwahahahaa). painters have moments. a canvas having a moment? no i dont think so.

    • The pingbacks are just something WordPress does automatically whenever you link to another WordPress blog to notify them that you have linked to them. Don’t panic. 🙂

      That’s a cool game. I hope more people participate. Not sure how to make that happen. Hire a plane to do skywriting? Hmmmmm….publicity is not my strong suit.

      Yeah, sometimes it seems like the first version that comes out of your subconscious is the best and sometimes you can get something much greater if you fool around with it for a while. I do both, I guess.

      And yeah, the second version of your ku is better.

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