7 thoughts on “July 5 (The Dark)

  1. 🙂 I like this. I don’t know how it was intended, but I can easily relate to the pre-curtain jitters as cherry pits (in the pit of one’s stomach). Yeah, I was a theater nerd in high school.

    • I would love to know how many different ways people read this. I’m not completely sure what it means myself. 🙂 I did have an image in my mind when I wrote it but the words started to expand in my head after I thought of them and now it has gotten beyond me.
      I hadn’t thought of your interpretation yet, but it works as well as any of the others I’ve thought of. 🙂

    • thanks … yeah I am almost afraid to write down all the associations this elicits for me, I like the mysterious shifting images and emotions it calls up, somehow beyond words …

      • i’m curious: is this a one off (meaning you wrote it and it is as you first wrote it). or. was it worked on and adjusted and tweaked – possibly over time – to get it the way you wanted it?

        • Hmmm…interesting question. I went back and looked in my file for that day and that’s the only written version I have, but I have memories of fiddling with the words and concepts in my head. Not sure to what extent or for how long — that was also the day I was writing all the firefly ku and I think I jotted that one down in the middle of them all. I remember playing around a lot with those words “dark” and either “play” or “theater” and trying to figure out exactly how to put it but I do know that the cherry pits were an essential part of the whole thing from the beginning. Or maybe it started out as just cherries. But when I thought of the pits I knew they were the key to the whole thing … them and the dark.

          • yeah. that’s what i like doing. or how i like writing my haiku. some playing with words. thinking and seeing the idea. and how it shapes up and then – splat. or what i call just setting it down as is. …may be that’s not – pure – splat but there is often something… pure about that sequence of moments that i like that some how ends up in the ku. not perfect may be. not sophisticated and a big stunning wow may be. but some how… in that essense – a perfection that is reflective of me. bwahahahahaha – good thing we’re all perfect in that way eh. thanks for revealing that part of your process on this ku.

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