6 thoughts on “July 8 (Hand outstretched)

    • oh thanks! I was hoping the multiple readings would come across and weren’t just a figment of my overactive imagination …
      I don’t know why this one wanted to be one line, but it did.

    • Oh — no, it wasn’t my own idea, I’ve seen them written that way before, sometimes split in three, sometimes in two, sometimes formatted in some other original way. “Roadrunner” (there’s a link in my sidebar) is a great place to find one-line ku; here’s one by Grant Hackett from a recent issue:

      I get up on to see if I can the darkness
      we fell from

      except the way it was originally formatted the “we fell from” should be not only a line below but to the right of the rest of the ku (can’t figure out how to make that formatting work here). That one raises all kinds of interesting associations for me too, including scenes from “Paradise Lost” which I doubt Grant intended (but who knows). 🙂

      • Stupid WP didn’t format the first line of the ku the way it should have either — these are the space breaks:

        I get up on/to see if I can/the darkness
        we fell from

  1. thank you again. i like the way you go with the feel a ku has for you. cool.

    i bookmarked Roadrunner. i remember attempting a few one-line ku a while back. as i discovered more about it, i seemed to pay attention to criteria that left me thinking in different ways about the process and creating one-liner ku than i do in the 3-line ku. i dont think i attempted many. may be i can find one.

    yeah. i understand about getting the words to behave the way we’d like them to here. no problem. thanks for trying to get it the way it was…

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