5 thoughts on “July 21 (No reply)

  1. Thanks, Laz and Kurt.
    Kurt — never even thought of the Alice connection. 🙂 Now all I can think of when I read this is a white rabbit running by with a pocket watch and a worried expression. 🙂

  2. I experience that – all summer long! I bike to exercise in the summer, much of my main route takes me on a bike/walk path through a thin strip of park in the middle of the city (much of it running in the shadow of a raised thruway over a fetid creek…) – it’s not unusual to see a cottontail rabbit or a chipmunk skittering along or across the path into brush to dodge out of my way (always safely), cicadas or crickets or something chirping up their chorus…

    Neat haiku!

    • Thanks, Lawrence.

      We have nothing but rabbits (and squirrels and chipmunks) around here where I live (medium-sized city but tons of green space, I live practically across the street from a 1200-acre nature preserve). I probably see dozens of rabbits a day … sadly for our gardens:) and the cicadas are the perpetual background noise everywhere you go all through July and August … I’m amazed that I was even able to notice these things enough to write a ku about them, they are like the air I breathe. But sometimes that’s what you need to notice the most.

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