July 24: Not Me

This is my 200th post. Yes, I do blather on a lot. So as promised, today I am giving you all a break from my words (well, okay, at least from my haiku … you didn’t think I’d be content to just shut up completely for an entire day, did you?) and sharing those of my readers.

When I started this blog I thought of it as a way to express myself and become a better writer, not really as a way to communicate with people. I knew, of course, that there were these things called “comments” on blogs and I’d even made a few in my time. But I didn’t realize how completely vital to the whole enterprise those comments would be. It still amazes me how quickly a small community formed around this blog: All these like-minded, talented, thoughtful, funny people, stopping by on a regular basis to have a friendly chat! It’s been a great gift. And so has your poetry — without the example and inspiration of which my own poetry would still be limping along in a much sorrier state.

Thanks for sharing, and for giving me the chance to share back. Without further blathering, here are your words (in the order they appeared in my email inbox, in case you were wondering).


waiting for fruit
plum blossoms
cover the stall

the rough music
of beetle shells

— Ashley Capes, http://ashleycapes.wordpress.com/


leaves flicker
the notes of a piano
in the breeze

stars appear
the sunset sky
a painting

— Rick Daddario, http://19planets.wordpress.com/


a mirror –
the universe reflected

moments drop
memory puddles

— Steve Mitchell, http://heednotsteve.wordpress.com


pecking grass for seed
ruffled bird with wary eyes
hope is tenacious

— Max Stites, http://outspokenomphaloskeptic.wordpress.com


the hawk’s belly
full or empty
casts a shadow

— Pearl Nelson, http://pearlnelson.wordpress.com


sea crashes below
a kiss smelling of heather
and love becomes love

strawberry and cream
balloons dance over snow
fields giggles chase after

— John Alwyine-Mosely, http://ramdom-short-stories.blogspot.com


this last breath
honeysuckle thick with

I picked up the wrong basket
we both have plum tomatoes.

— Angie Werren, feathers, http://triflings.wordpress.com/


I dreamt the earth flat—
every journey elbowing
at the horizon

— David Marshall, haiku streak, http://dmarshall58.wordpress.com/

Mouse Sleeps

Mouse sleeps
Nestled in…
Warmest drawer

Morning Dew

Wild Rose,
Morning dew

— Laz Freedman, http://lazfreedman.wordpress.com/


Memoirs of a tree

There’s no connection,
no soul between us.
Daisies, but no butterflies.

— Evonity, http://evonity.wordpress.com/


The clock strikes one-fifteen
for whom does the bell toll
but corpses?

— Anne Lessing, Phantasma, http://annelessing.wordpress.com/


what winds bring dreams tonight
zephyrs siroccos mariahs
lift signs from distant stones

— Lawrence Congdon, http://novaheart.wordpress.com


entering the night kitchen
the scent of basil
before the light goes on

— Patti Niehoff, http://white-pebble.net

17 thoughts on “July 24: Not Me

  1. LOL, it’s really striking me how different my haiku is from everyone else’s. All this nature stuff…and there I go with my corpses. ^_^

    I can’t pick a favorite out of all these; they’re all awesome. I especially loved “what winds bring dreams tonight,” “the universe reflected backwards,” and “the rough music of beetle shells.”

    Keep on writing, Melissa–you have a fantastic blog! 😀

  2. oh, how wonderful to read all these lovely ku!
    and to see the poetry behind the thoughtful and engaging comments.

    thank you, Melissa, for bringing us all together with your thought-provoking posts. I love your blog!!

  3. Again, congrats with this 200th post. Such a great idea to feature some of the poets you’ve encountered while blogging. It’s nice to be part of a group of haiku enthusiasts.

    • Oh dear, Bill, I guess so! I never got anything from you…try sending again and I will add it. MLallen.69 at gmail.com.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. yeah. this is a great grin, very cool, Melissa – and congratulations on 200 posts. …and yeah again, some really juicy substance here. among my favorites thus far:

    beetle shells

    backward universe

    plum tomatoes

    basil in the night kitchen

    in random altho sequential order – and there are definitely other ku worthy of note as well. what’s really fun is to read them all – and ponder the world around us touching us in so many ways. cool on ye ku-ers.

    yeah, your blog is way fun, Melissa – every day – ku on!

    hey. p.s. and thank you for the connection to Ku-me: a haiku game in your resources. when did you put that there? duh…. yeah, i hope all here know they are welcome there. fun. and come play.

    • Thanks Wrick. I’ve had that link to Ku-me pretty much since you started it. 🙂 I live in hope that someone else will join the three of us some day …

      And by the way, your comment was #500 for my blog. Another milestone! I would offer you a prize but I’m fresh out today. 🙂 (Of course … this includes all my comments and all the trackbacks and pingbacks and things … I think it’s more like 300 from real people besides me.)

      • yeah, Melissa – sometimes i’m just blind as a bat without the advantages. fun when others join in – and i hope they will too, but fun to play regardless (imo).

        and yeah, of course your comments and trackbacks and things count. …otherwise… they wouldnt be counted. so it really is 500 (imo). and of course only the real people count anyway. cool. – and no prize necessary, the reward is being really here.

        each post
        a travel companion
        these milestones

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