3 thoughts on “July 25 (Feathers)

  1. oh yeah! i like this a lot. did the cat do it? did the kid do it? just how did those feathers. get there? clearly out of place. cool. more and more i’m finding that the more concrete imagery i find in ku, the better i like the ku. feathers – are concrete. scattered over the carpet – carpet is concrete and feathers scattered over the carpet is also concrete. unaswered questions. hmmmm. is that concrete too? the wondering in my mind… that feels concrete to me for some reason in this context. oops. sorry for the analytics. i’m not really… i’m just thinking on the keyboard. i like this ku a lot.

    a rattle
    in the window
    lawn eater

    hey. btw. that was a fun yesterday blog of yours. cool.

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