September 30 (Grass flute)

grass flute —
where did that memory
of green go?


September 27, 1-3: What are these things, anyway?


nothing in my mind that was not there before the moon


he tells the story without remembering it        longingly


no longer afraid of mice I look to see what you’re afraid of


Not haiku, not really American Sentences … I think what I’m calling them is “the things I write when my brain hurts too much to write haiku but I feel guilty if I don’t write anything.”

September 24 (By the moon’s light)

By the moon’s light:
Black walnuts
Smashed open.


Added later: And I swear I had not seen this amazing ku by Shugyo Takaha, posted today on Fay Aoyagi’s blog (which you should all be reading, are you?), before I wrote or posted this …