7 thoughts on “October 9 (Leaf fall)

    • Yeah, I think I am about to write an essay about the concept of the personal haiku — I can feel the wordiness inside me struggling to get out. 🙂

      Love that scratchety sound … that is what fall is all about to me (that and the scent of rotting apples. 🙂 )

  1. yeah, i know you’ll bring some good points to that personal ku concept when you do it (if you havnt already).

    i was wondering if i should use that word “scratchety” – as i dont think it’s a word. it just seems like it should be. . . so… there it is. i like that scratchety sound too. rotten apple smell… and the distant scent of burning leaves… hmmm… must be pumpkin time.

    • I was not initially sold on “scratchety” either, but it is an incredibly evocative word and if it doesn’t exist already, it should. In fact it does, because you just used it, and everyone who read it understood what it meant. 🙂 Any writer worth anything has invented a few words, I think.

      • oh. cool. ha – ya know i invent a lot of words. a few of them are intentional even. wait, are we counting miss-spellings? i’m sure i’d be in the genius category as a writer in that kase or is it kace? or may be cace… bwahahahahahaha. yeah, okay, i know miss-spelling doesnt count. does that mean i’m in the ingenious category? or is it ungenius. ? sheesh. at the moment the net is moving a little better. cool on that.

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