You’re all invited …

… to a party here on Red Dragonfly, on the occasion of my 300th post. Which should be, if my calculations are correct, on Sunday, October 24th.

The guests of honor, of course, are all of you: my intimidatingly talented readers. Well, at least all of you who have ever commented here, or who get around to doing so by the 24th. You know who you are.

As on the occasion of my 200th post, I’m inviting commenters to send me one or two haiku they’ve written, with the guarantee that whatever they send me will be posted here on the 24th. They don’t have to be haiku you compose specially for the occasion — they can be previously published, previously posted on your blog, previously scribbled on the back of your homework, previously spray-painted on the bus stop across the street … you get the idea. No special topic required either. (But bonus points if you manage to get the number “three hundred” in there somehow. On second thought … never mind.) Oh — and send me the URL of your blog or website if you have one, I’ll post that as well.

We all had a total blast the last time I did this. It’s still my most popular post of all time. And I am not at all offended that my most popular post is the only one that features none of my own poetry! No, I am more secure than that! So secure that I’m doing it again!

Deadline: October 24th, 7:00 a.m. U.S. Central Daylight Time. Please email me your contributions: mlallen.69 at I will remind (nag?) you daily until you give in and send me something. So you might as well do it right now. Just think of it this way — it’s a way to get out of reading any of my ku for an entire day.

Thanks in advance. I’m crazy about all of you.

14 thoughts on “You’re all invited …

  1. Okay, here’s a few! 😉

    [Alan — I have edited your comment to remove your poems so as not to spoil the surprise for other readers — my fault for forgetting to include my email address in my post originally! But rest assured I have your contribution and greatly appreciate it! — Melissa]

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

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  5. hey. i object. …can i do that? i think it’s unfair to have a 300th post on your blog without one or more of your own you know. can that possibly count as a 300th post? even if it’s counted.

    okay. cool. i’ll do some skull thunking. oh. wait. i see. it’s for your talented readers. drat, i was going to submit something.

    the ordinary day
    full of three hundred ku

    nah. i’m not submitting that one either.

    • No, no, the whole point here is that my posts are much more popular when no one has to read my poetry. 🙂 You can object all you want … you just can’t get me to do anything I don’t want to do. 🙂

  6. i’m reasonably sure getting you to do something you dont want to do would be easy compared to flipping the universe over on it’s back and tickling it’s belly. …altho doing so while blind folded might make it easier…

  7. Hi,

    Thanks dor the invitation to post!
    Haven’t you noticed ?

    october roses
    the last but the most vivid
    than ever


    faded petals
    the scent of their soft touch
    on my cheek



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