October 26: three lines, three poems


when that box is opened the packing material may surprise you



this endless journey the cake I’m bringing you keeps getting heavier



your sense of direction do you know where you are now

4 thoughts on “October 26: three lines, three poems

  1. Good set of micropoems, Melissa 🙂
    the last one struck me good, coz’ i always had a problem with sense of direction — Only after i started travelling it became a bit clear 🙂

    but beyond that the poem presents an existential thought – the idea or knowledge of physical reality and need for careful existence – like it when it comes in small packages 🙂


    • Thanks, Devika. I love seeing how other people interpret my haiku, it’s almost always nothing like how I interpret them. 🙂 But that is why haiku are so great. The possibilities other people see in them exist there just as much as the possibilities I see even when I didn’t put them there on purpose or even know they existed.

  2. that first one caught me with the kind of surprise that catches me off guard, but i know it is absolutely right and wonder why i’d never put it so succinctly in my own skull. cool on that.

    it’s similar in the second one. yeah, how-come the farther i go the heavier it gets? i like that.

    i like too that people see into work things that ring true when i didnt even know i’d put it there. once i know, of course i knew. cool.

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