Pseudohaiku: Search strings

what dives
in the water
red as a cardinal




usual syllables
for venus




haiku monastery
seen because flowers
have gone



folding knives
and pockets
in france




antique geisha screenprint
left hands


It’s the end of a long, draining week. I thought we (at least we here in the U.S.) could all use some entertainment, and an opportunity to take ourselves not quite as seriously as usual.

So: The thing all these haiku have in common is that, clearly, they are not haiku. They are some of the eccentric search strings that have led people to this page from Google. I like to entertain myself by trying to imagine what was going through people’s minds when they entered these searches, and by what tortured logic the search engine directed them here in a vain attempt to fulfill their information needs.

I have a large collection of other search strings, most of which do not lend themselves so easily to being converted to pseudohaiku. Some of them are quite beautiful, though. Some are thought-provoking, probably in a way their author did not intend. Some I’m thinking of using as writing prompts in the future. (“Poems about bad wolves”? Yeah, I would read a poem about bad wolves.)

Here are a few of them. Enjoy. And take a few deep breaths this weekend.

the dragonfly land on you will they bite me or sting me

garden, fog, crescent moon, and stars

full moon and sleepless nights

haiku dragon shy rock

poems about bad wolves

why are the dragonflies red

why was the moon red last night

meaning of seeing a red dragonfly

“anxiety” “rustling leaves” “simile”

snowboarding villanelles

caterpillar incense cedar sphinx

6 thoughts on “Pseudohaiku: Search strings

  1. I really like those first two haiku! And also the second search string:

    garden fog
    crescent moon
    and stars

    My site doesn’t get very many search hits and they’re not nearly so poetic. I always feel sort of bad for the folks who find themselves on my blog after searching for things like “ordinary ladder” or “I don’t have a spleen wasp sting”

    • Oh look, you can make that “garden fog” one into a haiku! Cool.
      “Ordinary ladder” is a great writing prompt.
      I don’t have a spleen wasp sting either.

  2. though i enjoyed reading, as always, definitely need to spend more time on some posts added here…will do…and my only wish and request is you shouldn’t be removing the posts or blogs anytime, Melissa šŸ™‚


  3. As writing prompts–great idea! But they could reallly be seeds of haiku or as you term it, psuedohaiku. Still you could expand these collection and as you go back might find them metamorphosing into a sequence. I didn’t get your title at first, and then I realized what you mean. Some days, I also get the strangest keywords that have led viewers to my site. Strange what words on their own could turn into.

    This is how my mind misread the last line in this one:

    folding knives
    and pockets
    in a trance

    Thanks, Melissa!

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