November 17: Department / of Redundancy / Department

if only




you promise me



There is a Russian expression, “Repetition is the mother of learning,” which if you ever study Russian you will undoubtedly learn on pretty much your first day on the job and be subjected to, um, repeatedly for the remainder of your Russian-language-learning career. Anyway, I sometimes think I absorbed the lesson of this little saying a little too well, since, as everyone who’s spent more than five minutes reading this blog knows, I am constantly repeating myself. That is, I say the same thing over and over again. Until you’re sick of hearing about it. Then I say it again.

Going back through my disorganized archives of half-completed, partially-revised, mostly-abandoned, disgustedly-rejected haiku, I found these things that had just seemed like fragments at the time. But suddenly I liked them. They reminded me of my brain, feverish and iterative as it is. I thought they belonged together. So they’re here. Here they are.

4 thoughts on “November 17: Department / of Redundancy / Department

  1. this is very intriguing. i like the concept. ha, like i dont over repeat?

    upside down
    the birds teeter-totter
    up side down

    hmmmm…. may be i missed it.

    around in a circle
    voices back and forth
    a round in a circle

  2. I like how you seem to be finding the many ways to haiku, Melissa. This one gives some kind of a bone to what comes naturally sometimes. I quote Rick, “don’t I ever repeat?”

    on window display
    an antique chair, waiting

  3. Wrick and Alegria — love all your haiku. Wrick I love the way your repetitions have different meanings, Alegria I love the way you put the repetitions next to each other … yes, so many amazing ways to write haiku, so little time …

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