7 thoughts on “November 20 (Bare branches)

  1. You can’t possibly be old enough to remember diagramming sentences. I’ve read quite a few ku comparing winter branches to writing, calligraphy, etc., but this is an original and a very good one indeed.

    • Oh, but I am, Bill, I am. 🙂 (Although I think the practice was far from universal when I was in school — the English teacher who taught us how was a bit of a holdover.) Thanks much for your kind words about this ku, I like it myself but wasn’t sure how well it would work for others. (And I hadn’t even considered the aspect that most of the population now probably doesn’t even know what diagramming sentences is all about!)

  2. bwahahahahaha. wait. what does that mean, diagramming sentences? is that like a jail thing to show how long each inmate… bwahahahahahahahaha. no comment.

    when i visited this ku earlier, i had nothing to say. it was simply the ku and me, and then not even me…. it simply took me out into the autumn. i’m only able now to really reply to comments, because there are comments. this ku to me is all that is needed. it is worth no other words. silence. in other words.

    which as you can see will hold me for a few hours at least.

    the air
    above this dark branch
    a silent crow


    the air
    above a dark branch
    the silent crows

  3. Wow. It’s so gratifying to see the enthusiastic response to this ku. I hesitated about whether I should even post it, because for some reason I didn’t think anyone but me would like it. (It very often happens, believe it or not, that no one but me likes the haiku I write. 🙂 ) Thanks to all for your very kind and thoughtful responses here.

    Wrick — hey, aren’t you older than me? 😉 you really never heard of diagramming sentences? Google it, I’m sure there are entire websites devoted to it. 🙂 It was originally devised by English teachers as a form of subtle torture, but for obsessive-compulsive language geeks like myself it’s a form of high entertainment. 🙂

    • bwahahahahaha – is that what that was? subtle torture? ha, that ‘splains a lot. what would fiefdom be without us serfs, eh? older than you? heck, only by a millennium or 3. …however… on this planet… i’m somewhere between 19 and 23, still older than you by a few years at least. …heck, i’m older than rock. okay, some rocks. you young’ns go out and play now i gotta find my rocker. …my rock-a-belly rocker, i know it’s on my iPod someplace…

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