November 24: Ku-me. Or kill me. Just put me out of my misery already…

Ugh. Blah. Ick. Uninspired mumble all my haiku suck grumble writer’s block mutter whose idea was it to write a whole novel in a month anyway whimper whine moan so sick of writing and so far behind …


grains of sand —
no set of chopsticks
small enough

(originally posted on “ku-me” at, 11/20/2010, and shamelessly, desperately plagiarized from myself)


Incidentally, it’s just fine that you are not playing ku-me, the amazing haiku chaining game, over at 19 planets. Because those of us who are, are having way too much fun to want to share. I mean, your brain would probably explode if you had that much fun anyway, so don’t even bother. Really.

(Just kidding. Come play, you’ll be glad you did.)



9 thoughts on “November 24: Ku-me. Or kill me. Just put me out of my misery already…

  1. That was a wonderful haiku…and Thanks Melissa for the link 🙂

    playing — may be i’ll have my head in tact — thats kidding, may be someday…but love reading 🙂


    • aloha Devika – just hoping to tempt you (and anyone else) to come play ku-me as well as read. it’s just a fun way to practice. any and all of the rules can be broken with little or no slowing down. sometimes i think we (i at least) get so caught up in doing it right, or being good at it, that we forget just to let go and have fun and do it. just let go and see what happens. the more ku i write the better i think i become at letting ku come out of me and the world. aloha.

  2. aloha Melissa – a novel in one month. wow. you must be seeing words in your pasta by now. fun how being spontaneous can plop words down that stick to the paper a bit, yes?

    cool and thank you for the encouragement of people to come play. i promise not to comment. . . often. . unless asked. and then you dont have to listen anyway.

    word block
    a novel development
    on pause

    • Well, it’s more like 50,000 words of roughly connected narrative but no discernible plot or character development in one month. 🙂 But still. It takes a while.

      Comment whenever you like, I reserve the right to ignore you if needed. 🙂

      • bwahahahaha – aloha Melissa – i see i omitted a paragraph break when i was using them sometimes. …i meant the plop sticking to refer to your ku-me ku that made it all the way to your blog! that’s actually very cool. …and a great sticky plop of words (sticky rice being a favorite kind and way of cooking rice here – yeah, i meant the pun).

        bwahahahahaha. okay. deal. i’ll blab and ramble and you’re right to ignore shall be acceptable. …wow. 50,000 words. i could do that. in a life time. or… may be just rambling. still that’s a very cool focus/project/intent. and impressive – imo. fun.

        oh. and happy day of giving thanks on you. did i say that already?

  3. ku-me or kill-me–
    is that haiku plagiarism,
    too? be or not . . .

    I think I co-opted your “existential crisis” line, Melissa. Oh well. Here’s more (mea culpa) . . .

    word, words, words
    turning heads ’round in a chain
    exorcism . . .

    Happy Thanksgiving, ku-me friend.

    • No worries on the existential crisis line, Margaret — I haven’t trademarked the phrase, I just have them more often than other people. 🙂

      Exorcism. There’s a thought. There are ghosts in my novel. Maybe a new plot point … 🙂

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