November 28: It’s not frozen yet …

… but it will be soon. Oh yes it will.

when the lake
freezes over
ask me again


willows leaning
over the ice


your voice from shore
more and more cracks
in the ice

6 thoughts on “November 28: It’s not frozen yet …

    • I may never drink ginger ale again. πŸ™‚
      Thanks … I haven’t actually decided whether I like any of these or whether I think they’re all pretentious and pseudo-profound. (Maybe that’s just another way of saying “edgy with so many possible meanings? πŸ™‚ )

      • i like the first and the last the best. the first speaks of time and how time changes everything. the last speaks of relationships in many ways. rocky and fragile, distant and near, in this case. pseudo-profound… hmmmm… i’m not convinced of that. altho i think when i involve me in my haiku (yeah, not often but i’ve been exploring it recently, occasionally – just to push my buttons and edges and see perhaps) some how i get uncomfortable with my own presence becoming too important. …is that pseudo-profound??

        • All good points — as usual you are a close and careful reader — and good questions … maybe I’m just feeling a little sick of myself these days? I have to say that last one has been popular in many quarters so maybe I’m onto something there, or maybe, contrariwise, popularity is an indication that I have sold my soul to the devil. πŸ™‚ Well, whatever. On to the next batch of ku …

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