December 7: July in December

stepping in
stepping out
raspberry brambles


the buzz
of cicadas
donโ€™t stop now


weeding out all
the sweet things



It’s so cold here, so very, very cold and snowy. I lay in bed half-awake the other morning composing haiku about summer in my head. And to my amazement, I actually remembered them when I woke completely.

9 thoughts on “December 7: July in December

  1. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your great step as judged in the FB Haiku Foundation contest! You’re almost there, Melissa. Soon, you’ll write a haiku for first prize.

    Of these wintry poems, I love all three but I love the last most of all. It states how one feels in the cold. I like your choice of ‘mint’–soothing, pleasant, not sweet at all yet as all scents, so brief.

    • Thanks, Alegria. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I’m a little concerned if these made you feel cold, I wrote them in order to feel warmer. ๐Ÿ™‚ (That’s OK though, we all respond to words differently …)

  2. aloha Melissa – yeah, i like the staircase layout too. i may have to try that. some how.

    i can understand that warm ku for a cold winter night. it’s cold here too. for here. 64 degrees. but remember there is no heat in the house. so it get’s as cold as it gets. okay, okay, i know that’s way warm for you. so…

    hot chocolate
    a better hand warmer
    than mittens

    i do remember walking to work in upstate NY and practicing fire breath breathing…

    • Tell you what, Rick, let’s switch houses for a week and then report back on who got colder. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’ve been drinking tea pretty much nonstop for a week myself. Hot chocolate is pretty great too, though.
      Fire breathing! Why didn’t I think of that? Off to become a dragon now …

      • bwahahahahahaha. you know… if we switched houses and you had my house where you are now, and i had your house where i am now, i can almost guarantee you’d get a lot colder than i would. no heat, single wall construction and windows that dont close tight… in Wisconsin? bwahahahahaha. yeah. that’s probably not going to work out well for you in winter. (yeah, i know what you meant – would i get my house back after a week tho?)

        dragon breathing. ha. fire breathing… you do know that technique, right? the opposite of ice breathing. . . ??

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