December 19 (From the Branches)

from the branches of the curbed fir plucking a gilded bird


Getting lazy again. Left this as a comment on Haiku-doodle this morning. On Margaret’s wonderful post called “Trimming the Tree.”

Good God. Not even enough energy for complete sentences?

2 thoughts on “December 19 (From the Branches)

  1. the light tink
    of rain in the gutter
    storm break

    i thought getting lazy sounded good so i got lazy too. i gave a short moment listen and used that for my ku. i also made up a word. this being my lazy good moment, that was easier than finding a good word that already existed – there being so many perfect good words, finding the right perfect good word would have been much more difficult i’m sure. the rain is much harder now, however i’m not going to give up lazy yet. i’m going to continue lazy and listen to the rain become bengs and kablongs and tunklings and crushongs. bwahahahahahaha, thanks for the great lazy fun.

    • Laziness is good. No really. I have a friend who likes to talk about how laziness has contributed to so many mathematical and scientific advances — you know, people didn’t want to add all those numbers up so they invented multiplication, etc. etc. I think the same thing can be applied to poetry. If you think too hard or try to write too much … it’s not as good. I think I have to remember that more often. 🙂

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