5 thoughts on “December 24:3 (Stockings)

  1. ha.
    too much eggnog.
    …well. that is…
    not enough eggnog
    with too much rum.
    or rhyme.
    or reason.
    oh heck.
    happy stocking
    stuffing time
    on ya.

    Christmas Eve
    with a chunk of early dark
    each day a little longer

    oh. LQQK a 17 ku.

    • Stanza 5 here is a 5-7-5, which made me very happy because I don’t do that too often …

      Hope you had a great Christmas and didn’t spend too much time under the table sleeping off the eggnog. 🙂 I think I need to have a ku about Christmas in Hawaii.

  2. yeah. if i get a 17 ku once in a while that’s cool. a 575 is rare but i’ll take it if it works. i thought about eggnog but the dog had the best place under the table.

    Christmas in Hawaii
    rain drizzle with sudden sun
    mushroom weather

    it’s supposed to really rain down in chunks monday and tuesday and just off and on around those days. some of the plants like it. highs in the low 80’s – lows in the lower 70’s or upper 60’s. go make a snow angel. if i try that here it would be a mud angel.

    • Hey, look at that! I order a ku and I get one! I am going to try that with other things in my life — “I would like a new sofa.” “I would like a car that is less than 14 years old.” Just think positively and you’ll get what you want, isn’t that what the self-help gurus say?

      As for making a snow angel, lovely as that sounds, I would probably become hypothermic instantly if I tried it … I’m sitting indoors right now wearing a shirt, sweater, quilted jacket and scarf and seriously considering freezing to death. A hat is next. Why do I live in Wisconsin, again?

      • yeah. i liked that idea of Christmas in Hawaii. i think that ordering mind works when we’re not looking for it. okay, skip the snow angel, stomp your feet and jump around the fireplace roasting marshmallows. i suspect Wisconsin winters make spring look good.

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