December 25: Nativity

Nativity scene
every year we think we’ve lost
the baby


Nativity scene
the shepherds are guarding


Nativity scene
the light in the stable
burned out


Nativity scene
folding a crane to replace
the broken angel

Nativity scene
the Wise Men never let go
of their gifts

Nativity scene
Joseph stares out
of the window

Nativity scene
the animals eye the manger

Nativity scene
Mary hides
from the visitors

Nativity scene
packing away the miracle
for next year


A very Merry Christmas to all my readers who are celebrating the holiday today. Thanks for all your well-wishes this season and all your support this year. Much joy to you and your families.


8 thoughts on “December 25: Nativity

    • “Warm sunshine” … ha ha ha ha ha, we are supposed to have a blizzard tomorrow, don’t even know if we’ll be able to get back to Wisconsin … but I appreciate the thought. 🙂

  1. ha. how the heck will you know if you get back to Wisconsin or not if you’re in a blizzard? stay put. drive when it’s safe. snowdrifts are no fun when you cant tell which way is out. yeah, warm sunshine as opposed to cool and cold sunshine. it’s hard to warm up in cool sunshine. in the Andes they freeze dry their potatoes. which as i understand it is where potatoes come from. they have something like 37 kinds of wild potatoes. they put them in the shade to freeze dry them and they stay frozen all year long. it’s often quite sunny tho. you can get sunburn on the side of your face facing the sun and frost bite on the other side. so… yeah, i’ll take that warm sunshine over cold sunshine 90 % of the time.

    • You’ll be happy to hear that although we did have to dig about a foot of snow out of my sister’s driveway to get our car out, after that the trip was pretty smooth sailing. We’re back now and I am wasting endless time on the Internet again.

      But I was highly entertained by your digression on Andean potatoes, I must say. Wherever that came from. 🙂

      • bwahahaha – i’m glad the travel was safe and smooth. yeah… i digress… a lot. the Andean potato blab came from warm vs cool sunshine thoughts… or at least my memories of the way it was there. sunburn from the thin air and hard sunlight and sore throat from the sharp cold in shadowed areas… where there were almost always multicolored potatoes lined up on the ground – frozen.

  2. Thanks for the wishes, Melissa! But most of all, thank you for your generous sharing of haikuverse and your everyday ku. As well, thank you for your kind words on jornales!

    Some really nice ku here! Of no. 7, as Margaret would say, a synchronicity of thought must have happened as I do have one, too:

    Birth in Bethlehem–
    a donkey
    the other witness

    May more brilliant haiku spangle your universe in the coming New Year!

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