3 thoughts on “December 26 (A Snow Globe)

  1. I can picture it, the snow globe and the young person shaking it. It is a real image. It resonates beyond the “globe in hands.” But it goes uncommented. Melissa, what were you thinking, what were you feeling? Is this a post Christmas throw away or a serious set of images? Give us some commentary. Thanks,


  2. Melissa,

    It is probably unfair of me to ask for a comment from you. You wrote it, it stands on its own. Here is what I was thinking. On one level, it is peaceful snow on a quiet village but the world is shaken. There is disruption in the air. On another level, I associate snow globes with Christmas and Christ. Christmas has shaken the world in a fundamental way. Finally, there is this duality of peaceful snow and feeling shaken. Good and evil, what rules here?

    All in all a haiku with several layers and depths. Good work. Those are my thoughts.


    • Hi Sully,
      I love it when my readers pay so much attention to my haiku and think about them so deeply. It doesn’t bother me for you to ask me for more commentary, although you must understand that if I provided commentary for all my ku I would literally have no time to do anything but work on this blog. 🙂 So I don’t.

      Another reason I don’t comment on all my own haiku is that I don’t want to close options off for my readers. Part of haiku for me is the interaction between writer and reader: Haiku are deliberately brief and impressionistic and leave a lot of room for interpretation. I find that my readers come up with fascinating insights into my haiku that I never knew I was putting there but which are completely valid ways of reading them. Like your ideas here: “Christmas has shaken the world in a fundamental way.” Okay, that is a great, great insight which never passed through my mind when I was writing this. Duality of peaceful snow and feeling shaken? Good and evil? Likewise and likewise. But those ideas are definitely present in the haiku whether I put them there or not.

      I wrote this at my sister’s house on the East Coast a few days ago, when the blizzard was being forecast and I was apprehensive because we needed to drive home (nine hundred miles) right as it was supposed to be ending. I was looking at a snow globe that had a miniature Philadelphia inside it. I was feeling a little trapped, like the city inside the globe; it occurred to me that a city in the midst of a blizzard really is kind of trapped under snow. And, of course, I was feeling fearful and shaken, and shaking is what you do to snow globes, and I’m fond of puns … I think maybe my thoughts while I was writing were somewhat more literal than your interpretation, but I was also conscious that there were wider implications to what I was writing than a simple description of a city in a storm. Which is probably why I replaced the word “city” in my original draft with the word “world” in the final version. All of us are trapped in our various ways by our circumstances, maybe is the vague thought I had. A little pessimistic, but that’s how I was feeling at the time.

      So that’s me. And there’s you. A veritable flurry of ideas from eleven syllables. 🙂 I love haiku.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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