December 28 (Evergreen)

he never
he’d run out
of time


yeah, I know, five lines. so I guess that makes this a tanka, or a gogyoghka, or something. or else a really incompetent haiku.

I really need to research tanka and gogyoghka. I have been trying not to pay attention to them because haiku are time-consuming enough, and also usually when I read tanka I have this feeling like, “This would be a really great haiku if you cut out two lines.” But so many people seem to swear by them, so maybe I should get with the program.

6 thoughts on “December 28 (Evergreen)

  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog. I followed a link from Gillena’s Lunch Break blog. I enjoyed the haiku you submitted and like the other little poems I see on your site. I’ll be back! Always good to find a new haiku blog to check in on from time to time.

    Swing by mine:

  2. I would probably call this a tanka, yes. But a nice tanka; I think I mentioned it in an email a while back, but I like the more condensed tanka.

    I don’t know so much about gogyoghka (though was reading about it the other day), but I tend to lean more toward tanka for this because of the structure. A gogyoghka is a bit more free form, but this clearly has two parts–the nature and the emotional. It reveals a bit of emotion, but not everything.

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