December 29: Moon Marathon

nearly full moon not nearly enough


I went too far again a slice off the moon


and again I apologize for the moon


dead broke but there’s the moon


with or without you the moon


I fail again at trying the moon


all the time I’ve spent being someone else the moon


don’t kid yourself you’ll never be the moon


so we were driving out to the East Coast for Christmas (which takes eighteen hours) and as usual I just sat in the car and looked out the window and napped and daydreamed and didn’t read or write or talk or do much of anything else, until suddenly around 10:00 p.m. I decided it would be a good idea to haul out my little all-purpose notebook (it’s a score pad! it’s a grocery list! it’s a sketchbook! it’s a haiku repository!) and write haiku in the dark and hope they would be legible in the morning.

and the moon was incredibly cool, just off full and shooting around in and out of the clouds, so most of what I wrote was about the moon, like fifty-something haiku in just over an hour, and you know what that means? most of them were crap. but that’s okay, it was fun, and a few of them were pretty good, and several were not bad, and a reasonable number were all right in a sort of a limited way for an off night (apologies to Paul Simon), which is mostly the kind I have posted here because the ones that were better I am still trying to make even better and the ones that were worse I wouldn’t inflict on you.

anyway, as you can see, the moon makes me happy even when I am slightly depressed, so I guess it’s good that I’m a haiku poet because then no one blinks twice if I write about the moon constantly and they even patiently read all my tedious little moon poems, or if they don’t they’re too nice to tell me about it.

that’s my story. and I’m sticking to it.

19 thoughts on “December 29: Moon Marathon

  1. They are good…all of them.But my favourites are “dead broke” and “with or without”.
    Can i use them as my status on facebook?…with your name in the credits, of course.

  2. bwahahahahahaha – i like these. i may have to try that riding around in a car under the moon – as inspiration. 50 in an hour… that’s quite reasonable. i’d take that to get any one of these.

    i also like the line “the moon just off full shooting around in the clouds”.

    i like this one a lot:

    dead broke but there’s the moon

    that one makes me smile. how rich we are beneath a moon. brilliantly beautiful. and fun. aloha on.

    • I wrote a bunch of others about bill collectors and pennilessness and the moon. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to debtor’s prison any time soon. 🙂

      Yeah, I think the moon is my new best friend…

  3. Nice moon haiku. Your zen is showing through with gusto. I like “all the time” the best. Here is one of my unzen-like moon haiku:

    Bocce game
    ebbs and flows –
    new moon brighter tonight

    So far this has been rejected by four different haiku web sites, probably for good reason.


    • Well, I’m glad my zen is showing to someone, I’ve felt like I was distinctly lacking in it lately. 🙂

      I love the Bocce game haiku, actually (I mean, how many Bocce game haiku can there be? Surely the world could use one.), and the only suggestion I have is that you knock off the “brighter tonight” part. For one thing, new moons are never bright because they aren’t there. 🙂 For another, even if they were bright, there is enough of a suggestion of ebbing and flowing with just the mention of the moon that you don’t need to mention another change. Oh, okay, one more suggestion — put a “the” in front of “Bocce game,” the syntax sounds more natural that way. And please let me know if you submit it that way and someone accepts it — that way even if I can’t get anything published myself I can enjoy someone else’s publication vicariously. 🙂

      • Thank you, Melissa. I needed a wake up call on that one. First new year’s resolution: spend more time on polishing and editing. And learn the phases of the moon. I will change this one, make it better, and resubmit. I have a good “moment” here and I need to craft the words correctly. Hope and effort for 2011.

        And a small suggestion for you in the new year. Note your time stamp on your reply. Is that really just past midnight?


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