6 thoughts on “December 31: Old

  1. ! you have a natural haiga. that’s an awesome photo header – which is what i came to say. then i read the ku. yeah. the photo is breath taking. and your ku is right there. they could sync in beauty (imo). way cool.

    • Well, most of the haiku I have written to accompany photographs (I did quite a few back in the spring and summer) were to his photography. But yeah, I should do more. He keeps getting better and better. I should learn to do that thing where you write the ku on the photo and then you can call it a haiga, I guess. Actually I’m sure he already knows how to do that. All right, fine, another project to work on. Geez. Will you stop having good ideas? 🙂

    • Uh-oh. I don’t remember a found frozen potato ku! Was that on ku-me? Does this mean I write too many haiku? Is it like forgetting about one of your children? Remind me, please!

      That. is. a. completely. awesome. climb. I am coming to Hawaii and you are going to climb those stairs with me and we are going to compose so many ku along the way that we’ll be able to publish a book of them when we’re done. Yeah. That’s the plan. So write it in your agenda book for about ten years from now when I have saved up enough money for air fare to Hawaii. 😉 Hopefully we will not both be completely decrepit then.

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