January 16 (Fog)

I can’t help thinking
that what’s invisible
must be better


If you haven’t visited ku on this yet, what are you waiting for? At least you should go over there and see the picture that prompted this.

(Yes, I left this as a five-line ku over there, but I like it this way better.)

6 thoughts on “January 16 (Fog)

  1. Melissa,
    Just wanted to say how wonderful it is to discover a new voice
    whether in a poem or a blog.
    As you know I’ve only recently found my way here
    from issa’s untidy hut to red dragonfly to a foggy mountain scene in hawaii to who knows where–all before the first cup of coffee.
    If that doesn’t jump-start the haiku mind.
    I admire your willingness to put it on the line–your new haiku each day are like an ongoing conversation with the world. One I can’t keep from listening in on. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much, Peter! Comments like yours mean a lot. It’s wonderful to have a new reader to join in the conversation. 🙂

      and by the way wanted to say that I just discovered the other day your wonderful haiku in December’s “Gean” (“one leaf’s / slow somersaults …”) – it’s high on my list of favorites for the year. 🙂

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