January 19 (Sixth Snow)

sixth snow
the only one watching
is the cat




yes, this is out of order … I deleted and replaced the original post because a spam referrer kept hitting it over and over again and it was driving me crazy. I hope this fixes the problem. sorry for the confusion.

2 thoughts on “January 19 (Sixth Snow)

  1. oh. is that what happens? i’m getting repetitive spam too. regardless – the sixth snow ku is a treasure. gotta like that cat surprise.

    cat in the window
    are there really ten thousand
    white mice out there?

    out of context this might not work as ku. i might have to work on that. . .

    cat in the window
    are there really ten thousand
    snow mice out there?

    • Yeah … I’m going insane because like a third of my hits the last few days are these stupid spammers. I hate it when my numbers get gooped up like that. (Have I mentioned, obsessive-compulsive?)

      I think I actually like the “white mice” version better…leaves more to the imagination (I think most readers could figure out that the white mice were snowflakes, but maybe I am too generous).

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