4 thoughts on “January 28 (Snowdrift)

  1. bwahahaha. oops. i seem to be laughing when i know i shouldnt. yeah. i’m ready to make all new mistakes. i think i’ll just plop down in that snow. may be wiggle around a bit. you know. get the feel of it. so i can get a good mistake going. ha.

    slipping across the road
    in this wind

    • Oh, you can laugh — I definitely am. 😉 You get to a certain age and all your mistakes start to seem funny instead of tragic. Plus you stop imagining that someday you won’t make mistakes anymore — you can only hope that you won’t make the same ones over and over again (though I’m starting to realize that that’s probably a vain hope too).

      “Get a good mistake going” — yeah, that’s right, really get into those mistakes!

      Great ku, that one will probably be going into “Wrick’s Greatest Hits.” 🙂

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