January 29: First Snow (again)




empty barn
first snow


first snow
the footprints of the neighbors
we’ve never seen


first snow
and again
the owl


First published in LYNX, XXVI:1, February 2011

Why do I say “again” in the post title? Because there are also these here.

Also, for a stunning graphic interpretation of the final haiku in this sequence, go take a look at Kuniharu Shimizu’s haiga at see haiku here: http://seehaikuhere.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiga-491-mellisa-allen-haiku-3.html

9 thoughts on “January 29: First Snow (again)

  1. All wonderful, Melissa! Congratulations!

    And congratulations, too, again, for your voted haiku in the just posted January 2011 Shiki Kukai! I know that I voted both for your kigo and free format haiku.

    Your jux-es are getting really better and your images expressed in so few words. Perfect haiku!

    Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Way to go Melissa. I like your haiku in the Skiki Kukai. And above the footsteps of the neighbors is excellent. I think that is an experience we have all had during winter, and your scant words are right on.

    And Alegria, you and I share a moment of glory at the bottom of the list. And do not look carefully, but I am there twice. Jim Sullivan.

    • Thanks, Margaret! That owl ku actually was inspired by the Facebook status of one of my teenage “friends” who posted in great excitement sometime in December, shortly after it had snowed, “The owl is back!” That’s it. Wow, did my imagination go to town on that one…I think I might want to write a novel someday called “The Owl is Back” but for right now I’m making do with a haiku. 🙂

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