8 thoughts on “January 31 (The Calendar)

  1. There’s always the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition which also accepts previously published haiku: Snapshot Press weblink 😉

    I love the old Haiku Calenders and often use them in workshops too! 😉

    last day
    of the first month
    I dream of jelly bubbles

    Another of my weird dreams. 😉


    • Yes, I’ve seen you talking that one up, Alan. 🙂 I don’t know … usually I avoid contests that require fees (although I understand why they charge them), if only because I’m pretty much broke 🙂 (and what little disposable income I do have I would prefer to spend on haiku books and journal subscriptions!). But it does sound kind of fun to be on a calendar, so maybe I’ll do some searches through the blog contents tonight and if I find what seem like enough decent candidates I’ll splurge. 🙂

      Yes, you do have odd dreams, don’t you … are “jelly bubbles” something real (perhaps something only you Brits know about?) or just kind of something strange that showed up in your dream and that’s the name you gave them?

  2. I understand about the contests, and I don’t enter many, but Snapshot Press are worth supporting, and it’s a fundraiser. Like you, I’m pretty broke, and had a nasty surprise earlier today that may affect my finances. But then writers and poets are mad, so I entered anyhow, just in time.

    The dream about jelly bubbles was weird, and they weren’t exactly cuddly, but not as aggressive as The Prisoner. 😉

    • That’s great! Unfortunately in the U.S. usually the backs of calendar pages have pictures on them already. You’ve chosen the calendar because you like the pictures, so it seems like a shame to throw them away, but you don’t really have anything you can do with them because they’re not usually high-quality enough to frame. It’s a problem for me every January. 🙂

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