February 22 (Winter Dream)

winter dream
you and the moon
disappear together


First posted at Haiku Bandit Society for the Feb. 2011 Moon Viewing Party.

Willie Sorlien, owner and proprietor over at Haiku Bandit Society, linked the last line to a great Traffic video. Go watch it, it’s pretty much in the spirit of the haiku, and the video has cool images of its own.

8 thoughts on “February 22 (Winter Dream)

  1. Nice feeling to it, Melissa! This is how the words later scrambled in my head:

    winter moon–
    you and the dream
    disappear together

    By the way, last night on a news reel, I saw the dairy workers’ protest in Madison. Your haiku just took its place among the placards!

    Thanks again and for this ‘moon dream’.

    • Thanks, Alegria. I almost like your version better. 🙂

      The protests here are an incredibly important historic event — they may be a big factor in determining the economic and political future of this country — and they are pretty much all anyone in the city, maybe the state, talks about anymore. It’s hard to concentrate on poetry these days, I have to admit, with all this going on. I’ve been at the Capitol demonstrating several times myself and it is a powerful emotional experience — maybe someday I’ll get enough emotional distance from it to be able to make poetry from it.

  2. You needn’t call attention to the blog, but I thought the song and hokku were complimentary.
    I have to say an outstanding representation was had for our February Moon Viewing Haiku Party. Its always a joy to receive these gifts of verse from around the world.
    We should thank our capable editor-in-chief, D. Dot, for maintaining high standards in motivating and rewarding enjoyable reading and composition.

    • Well I know I don’t have to call attention to the blog, Willie, but, you know, I want to, because any haiku fan who isn’t already reading it should be. And yes, I am always so excited to see what moon verses will people will come up with each month. Dottie is to be commended on her good taste, possibly given a treat. 🙂

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