a jumble of flowers: some news

a jumble of
flowers planted —
see, the little garden!

— Masaoka Shiki, translated by Janine Beichman


I’m very excited/pleased/proud/terrified (circle as many as apply) to share the following announcement with you:

haijinx welcomes Melissa Allen as our newest regular columnist.

Melissa is well-known for her haiku blog Red Dragonfly, where she shares “short-form poetry as well as related commentary and essays and news about developments in the world of haiku.”

a jumble of flowers, Melissa’s column within the quarterly haijinx, will be her own unique overview of what’s happening in the haikai world online and off. The first column will be a part of our spring 2011 issue. If you have news or announcements you would like Melissa to consider, please send email to

jumble -at- haijinx -dot- org

haijinx publishes around the solstices and equinoxes each year. The first 2011 issue will be released on March 20th and the submission deadline for Melissa’s a jumble of flowers is March 8th. All other submissions are due by March 1st. For more information, please visit our submissions page.

Me again: If any of you don’t know about haijinx, it will be well worth your time to go check it out. I mean now — don’t wait until my column appears, for goodness’ sake. It’s a great journal with a focus on humor in haiku, recently revived after a several-year furlough by its founder and editor, Mark Brooks, and staffed by an impressive roster of poets including Mark, Carmen Sterba, Alan Summers, Roberta Beary, Tom Clausen, Richard Krawiec … I’m a little awed and humbled by being included in their company.

Also, that thing about sending me news? Yeah, we mean it. Conferences? Events? Contests? Publications? New (or old) exciting blogs or websites? Anything? Anything? Shoot it to the email address above. Otherwise I’m going to have to comb the Web myself looking for news and you never know, I might miss you. So brag yourself up.

Thanks, everyone.

22 thoughts on “a jumble of flowers: some news

  1. Very good, Melissa. That is terrific news and I look forward to following the haijinx. Be sure to relish your journey, you have earned it, and enjoy the conversation (the stepped-up conversation).


  2. yeah. very cool Melissa. they’ve made an excellent choice not only because you do such a great job of this haiku stuff – but because you are a wordist and an all around great being too. cool. cool. and well deserved and more ku on you – and fun too. aloha.

    • “Wordist.” That isn’t someone who discriminates against words, is it? 🙂 I mean, okay, I like to think I discriminate between words, but that isn’t quite the same thing.

      Seriously…thanks for the kind words, Wrick.

  3. I just wanted to say that I am as excited to have Melissa on board as she is excited. 😉

    We love passionate people at haijinx, and Melissa is definitely passionate about haiku and spreading the message. I’ve long been a fan of Red Dragonfly!

    a founding editor, haijinx

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