February 25 (Waning Moon)

“American Woman Solves Her Own Baby-Kidnapping, 23 Years Later” (The Guardian)

waning moon
I start to feel like
someone else


First published in Haiku News, Feb. 12, 2011

11 thoughts on “February 25 (Waning Moon)

      • birth? there was a birth? no. not at all. i’m not sure at all i mean about birth. i did take kid naps. i’m reasonably sure about kidnapping because i remember not wanting to. occasionally. however, now i prefer wolf naps.

        a solid truth. as solid as the core of granite that runs from here to the moon. mystery.

        wait. or is that eternity? sheesh.

        me? sure? ha. you’re asking me if i’m sure? i’m rarely sure. occasionally i’m reasonably sure. which is when i’m usually wrong.

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