March 3 (Indian Summer)


Indian summer —
we’re in love


First published in Notes from the Gean 2:4, March 2011




12 thoughts on “March 3 (Indian Summer)

  1. Susan Diridoni says:

    loved this one when I first saw it … in the SF Bay Area, Indian Summer is beautifully warm … warm enough for illusions, yeah!

  2. uh-oh.
    autumn memories.
    in high school.
    glory days.

    Indian summer
    the red paintbrush
    in full blossom

    hmmmm… now that i think about it…

    glory days
    autumn memories
    of high school

    Indian paintbrush
    red in the last long light
    of summer

    • Indian paintbrush. Oh my God … fantastic haiku subject … except yours are both so great now I’m too intimidated to write one … Have to think about other wildflower names now …

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