March 17: Autumn Wind (in Wet Cement)

A haiku reading "autumn wind/blowing life/into haiku"

This looks like it’s from a printed page because it is. It’s from Wet Cement, which is a lovely little conference anthology from the “Cradle of American HaikuHaiku Society of America conference back in September. Mike Montreuil edited it, Aubrie Cox laid it out (check out her beloved Optima typeface) and Lidia Rozmus did some understated, beautiful artwork (in her usual style) for it. It was a delight to get it in the mail last week and be reminded of that wonderful weekend and so many of the wonderful poets I met.

The title comes from a haiku by Gayle Bull, the proprietress of Foundry Books, where part of the conference was held (and where I really need to get back to, soon, to check out the mind-blowing haiku section, because, ha ha, I don’t have enough to read). It is, fittingly, written in concrete on the ledge of a window in her shop. (Also in ink, on page 24 of the anthology.)

wet cement —
kids hide in the bushes

— Gayle Bull

4 thoughts on “March 17: Autumn Wind (in Wet Cement)

  1. Really nice, exquisite haiku, Melissa! Congrats again! A bounty this year for you, isn’t it? And more to come, I’m certain.

  2. very cool Melissa. you are a tireless haiku-er model.

    once again minds mesh. yesterday i returned to some thoughts i’ve had off and on about cement fossils. i now see a way i may be able to bring some of these thoughts to fruition. …and here you are. in wet. cement. bwahahahahahaha.

    yeah, i’ve even been spotting, noting and anticipating a capture of… kid signatures as well… which of course are placed there by kids of all ages… just like me. bwahahahaha – in the bushes. i can hardly wait until my next opportunity swoops in upon me.

    …wait. no. i’m not waiting for freshlypouredcement.

    as well… thanks to you and several people i believe i’ve met through you – like alee9 and Margaret… i’ve begun to submit haiku work to places… that some how catch my fascination. or imagination. with good results. however here, i’m stuck. now what do i do with these things that make it some place? bwahahahahaha…

    spring walk
    in the red maple
    a warm breeze

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