March 19: Return of the Moon

over the gable
of my ugly house
— the moon


full-length mirror
not full enough
for the moon


brighter than ever
the moon tries
to write haiku



a handful of stones, 3/9/2011

shiki kukai,  february 2011

moon viewing party, Haiku Bandit Society, 3/19/2011



7 thoughts on “March 19: Return of the Moon

    1. Thanks, Alegria and Charlotte. 🙂 I’m hanging in there, Charlotte, still really busy but I think I’ll make it to the end of the semester. Can’t wait for Haikufest!

  1. I, like Alegria, loved all three. I will confess that I felt a little self-aware reading the second. I decided it was definitely the lunar moon reflected in the mirror.

    1. LOL, Yousei…I have written poems where “moon” had a different meaning but for this one it actually had never occurred to me to think of it as anything other than the lunar orb. But now I kind of like the other interpretation. 🙂

      1. 😉 I think one of the very best things about poetry is that a reader can come to a poem today, come to a poem tomorrow, and read to completely different poems. The reader is as much a part of the poem as the words on the page. Glad you liked my disconcerting interpretation.

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