April 2: Honey (Flashbacks to Moscow, 1990)

you bake me a sweet cake
in a sugarless country


skiing in Gorky Park—
suddenly realizing
where we’re going


a snowstorm
settles it


babushkas chiding us
for our warmth


at last



Happy birthday, honey.

6 thoughts on “April 2: Honey (Flashbacks to Moscow, 1990)

  1. Okay, how about

    first April sun
    the sweet smell
    after I clean the garage


    April sun
    the scent of blossoms
    inside the garage

    early April
    the sweet smell
    of a clean garage

    …I’m going for reducing adjectives in general, and also trying to make the haiku more concrete by attaching the word “sweet” to something that could literally be sweet, like a smell, rather than something that can only be metaphorically sweet, like a day. I think describing what is actually sweet about the day — the sun, the spring, the clean garage, the scent — gives you the feeling that the day is “sweet” without having to say it.

    Your mileage, naturally, may vary. 🙂

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