April 3 (Spider Silk)

spider silk
she descends
to my level

(NaHaiWriMo prompt: Insects and arachnids)


Moving along: NaHaiWriMo prompt for April 4th

Cleaning (Spring cleaning, or any other kind)


See this post for an explanation of what this is.

See the NaHaiWriMo website.

See the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page, and contribute haiku there if you want. (It doesn’t have to have anything to do with this prompt. It’s just a suggestion.)


5 thoughts on “April 3 (Spider Silk)

  1. Very crisp spider silk. I notice the lack of adjectives and I appreciate the brevity. Your haiku move cleanly between the two images. Here is mine for cleaning.

    up to my neck
    wave after wave
    deep clean


    • I really love that idea of the ocean scouring you clean … I wonder if there’s some way you can rework it so it reads more like two phrases than three? I have no productive suggestions myself because I’m half asleep :), but just a thought…

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for doing this. And enjoyed your spider silk, very clean and effective. Trying to keep up with your prompts on my Twitter account. Others make near constant tweeting seem effortless. I wonder if they have jobs? Or if they leave the house?


    • Hi Peter — No, frankly I don’t think most of them do have jobs or leave the house. 🙂 Twitter was a gigantic time sink for me for a while, I couldn’t understand how to manage it, now I have lists set up of who I really want to read (don’t worry, you’re on it 🙂 ) and I just try to get in and out surgically…and not every day. Most of what I tweet is just retweets that I send off quickly as I skim down the page. Fortunately I read fast…

      Your cleaning haiku today was great. Thanks for the spider silk love. That one’s waiting to turn into something better, I think, but, you know. I was on deadline.

      I’m still mulling coming East for Haiku Circle…I can mull nearly endlessly if I let myself…

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