April 6 (Anniversary)

we argue about which way
the snow is falling


First published in The Mainichi Daily News, Feb. 22, 2011

(Special thanks to Aubrie Cox for letting me know this poem had appeared in print — after six weeks I still hadn’t noticed. Now go look at Aubrie’s doodle haiga.)



Husband: But our anniversary is in August. And why would we argue about anything so stupid?

Me: No, no, dear, I meant the other guy I’ve been married to for twenty years.

Husband: Oh.

4 thoughts on “April 6 (Anniversary)

  1. We knew a guy, Donnie Patterscum, we called him, had the distinction of being the only Minnesotan convicted of bigamy, amongst other things. So, we started to greet him by pointing fingers and shouting, “Bigamist!” every time we’d see him. It was fun to see people’s reaction, e.g., in a line at the grocery checkout, or where ever, in public.

    last time I saw the guy he was gigilo for an alcholic bar owner lady; she bought him a new Harley and dressed him up in cowboy outfits. How fun is that?!

    • Geez, Sorlien. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to call people names? Maybe if you were nicer, someone would buy you a new Harley. (Not me, though. I’m still trying to get you to stop smoking, I’m not gonna provide you with another death trap.)

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