We interrupt this broadcast for a brief lapse into self-promotion: I am lucky enough to be one of the featured poets for Cycle 11 of DailyHaiku (http://www.dailyhaiku.org/). This means that my haiku will be featured on the site every day this week, starting today, and during three other weeks over the next six months, in rotation with five other poets. Who are also well worth reading, so if I were you I would just subscribe or something so you don’t miss a single day. Go!

7 thoughts on “DailyHaiku

    • OH…thanks so much for sending me this link! I’ve kept hearing people refer to the WHA haiga contest but not being a haigateer myself and having a million other things to look up I’d never really followed up on it…WOW! so amazing. More material for the Haikuverse! Never fails to amaze me week after week how I never run out of cool new stuff to discover…

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