7 thoughts on “April 22 (Bruised Apples)

  1. Melissa,

    Proud to be in that issue with you.
    And so many other memorable haiku.
    Acorn’s a favorite journal.
    btw, Trying to keep up with your prompts
    but having a hard time writing on the spot these days
    even though that is what haiku is–on the spot.
    Don’t know how you do it.


    • Thanks, Peter. Yeah, I thought this issue of Acorn was especially stunning. (Not because of me, though. 😉 )

      I have to say I am getting pretty burned out on the prompts now myself, it’s becoming a bit of a slog. Still, there’s always that moment of slight triumph when I manage to come up with something on the theme that’s … not terrible. 🙂 It’s been a blast in many ways but I’ll definitely be ready to hand the reins over to someone else at the end of the month…

      • I know what you mean. You’ll be glad it’s 30 days, as I had 31 days, and I did suffer.

        I have no idea if it’s happening next month, might even be a good idea to have a rest until the Summer or Fall maybe.


        • Michael did tell me he had someone lined up to give prompts for May. Still seems to be enthusiasm on the part of many for keeping up with this. I think I’ll be taking a break, though. 🙂

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