things to wake up for




full moon
her water breaks




April 2011 Moon Viewing Party, Haiku Bandit Society




(I woke up for what I thought was no reason last night and then realized that I must have been wakened by the full moon, which seemed to be taking up most of my window. It reminded me of one night in September 1994 when I also woke for what seemed like no reason, except that when I stood up my water broke and fourteen hours later my son was born. So that was a good reason to wake up.)


4 thoughts on “things to wake up for

  1. I was walking across the street in the bazaar twenty minutes ago. And i looked up with no intention at all and saw the full moon sitting right over a shop fat and full. It was a sight to savor and then to come home and read your wonderful haiku .
    fourteen years apart lines of a haiku

    My mother tells me its Buddha Poornima today.

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