7 thoughts on “(intensive care)

      • aloha Melissa – yeah. it is fun. i know you must be busy. and traveling too. a photo or two a week might make for an easier pace. just a thought. ku on you. and have fun at the ku circle gathering. aloha

        • Well, I’m not taking the photos specially for these posts, just raiding our existing photo library (or my painstakingly assembled collection of vintage art images) for them…so it really doesn’t take much longer than a regular post. But yeah, if it gets to be too annoying I’ll cut back.

          The Haiku Circle was FANTASTIC — I should do a post about it.

  1. Love this, Melissa. It reminds me of when I was in hospital this time last year and checking the status of the autumn leaves as each day passed – a way to mark time, to distract oneself, to draw inspiration to continue. You’ve really captured the moment perfectly, which for me is an anxious parent looking out the window at the hospital waiting for further news of a sick child. Thank you 🙂

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