6 thoughts on “(songbirds)

  1. wow. how is ku… is this ku? or another format? or. how is… wait… …how can… sheesh. is ku emotional? this is. for me at least. and. wow. this is powerful. okay. …now. i’m going to go sit on the 17th planet and watch the universe.

    are you ku-ing. or… responding (if you do not consider this ku) to the image? where did the image originate? it’s a great image.

    song bird
    the sound fades away
    from my window

    • LOL. It’s tanka, Wrick. It’s allowed to be emotional, actually it’s kind of supposed to be…

      The image is from this Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/collageimages/pool/
      It’s a fantastic collection full of (at least theoretically) public-domain images, a lot of vintage ones…you do kind of have to look closely though because not all of them are really public domain. I picked out the image several months after writing this, when I was getting ready to post.

      How’s the view from the 17th planet? And I really like your ku.

      • no wonder i was puzzled. bwahahahaha. 2 or 3 years ago i atempted tanka. …and decided i better keep working on ku. yeah, i like your tanka a lot.

        yeah. okay. may be it was 4 or 5 years ago:


        i like the images you’ve chosen in this style – a definite yesteryear look to them that is both then and now. yeah, i like that too.

        sometimes the 17th planet is a bit strange. it’s still a view and it’s still full of beauty too. mahalo.

        • I definitely still like haiku better, too. Sometimes tanka just seem to come out, though.

          Yeah, I love these vintage images. I’ve done some haiga with a few of them. They need work, though.

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