(ninth snow)

ninth snow on top of everything else you confess it wasn't just her

Notes from the Gean 3:1, June 2011


If you follow the link above to the page where this haiga appears in Notes from the Gean, it will say that the tanka is by me and the photo is by Aubrie Cox, but this is not really accurate. The credits at the bottom right of the tanka here are accurate and much more interesting.

Back in January after I’d been obsessively writing haiku about snow for a month or two and had lost all perspective on whether any of it was any good, I sent a bunch of snow haiku to Aubrie for her editing expertise (which is considerable). She gave me some good feedback on a lot of the haiku, several of which have been published now. Then she commented that the haiku that began “ninth snow” might work as a tanka…and added the two lines above to it. And then she went and took a great picture and made a haiga out of it.

Yeah. I know. It’s a lot better now.

And it’s getting to be really hot around here now…so it’s nice to have snow poetry back around to cool me off.

2 thoughts on “(ninth snow)

  1. Yet another exquisite work, Melissa! And kudos, too, to Aubrie! Wish there were more pairs like you two who work on polishing each other’s lines. Thank you for giving us this background. It gives me, and many others, I’m sure, hope that someday we could find an ‘Aubrie’, too! Thanks so much again for sharing of yourself.

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